Building the Best - Annual Meeting Logo
The client commissioned us to design a logo for their annual Equipment Expo. We went through multiple rounds of revisions to try and compose a logo that was creative but met each of the client’s specific requests. A night jog gave me the idea to add some supplemental details to one of the initial logo designs we created. I was confident in the new design and I proceeded to pitch the logo to the client, affirming this design was the best version to set the tone for their annual event. We were ecstatic to receive their final approval of the design and I considered this a victory, as it seemed that up until that point, none of the designs were solid enough to receive their approval.
Back to Black - Annual Meeting Logo
Not long after receiving the approval of the ‘Building the Best’ logo, we received news that the client, was changing direction in management and wanted to move forward with a new theme for their annual event "Back to Black". Scrapping our previous design, we began anew and thus another design challenge began. 
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